5.20.2020 Love Never Ends Pop Up Elopement at Brock House

Many couples have to postpone or cancel their weddings due to current COVID-19 pandemic. With the new regulations, couples are lost with with what they can or should do under this critical situation. Therefore, in collaboration with our industry partners, we put together a pop up elopement event to provide them with a safe environment to say I DO and make it official.

The pop up elopement is part of “There for You” project we put together to help couples in need during this difficult time. We want to be there for them and provide solutions to fulfil their needs.


We have all been patiently waiting for economy to reopen in a safe environment. This is the first event after 2 months lockdown in Vancouver to help couples in need. Other than following government regulation including max 50 people on site, wearing masks at all time while practicing social distancing, we also extend the elopement ceremony from 30 min to 1 hour to ensure we have enough time to clean and sanitize all items after each ceremony. Our goal is to keep everyone safe while celebrating LOVE!


520 means I love you because in Chinese I love you pronounced as “wǒ ài nǐ, and 520 is “wǔ èr líng”. They sound alike, therefore when you say 520, it sounds like saying I love you. Many couples, especially Chinese couples, like to express their love on 520. Therefore, it is extremely meaningful to get married and make it official this year on 5202020 to shout out love never ends and I will love you forever.

On behalf of the company and all vendors, congratulation to the 8 couples who got married on 520, and thank you for sharing your day with us.

Christina + Jason

C+J is a WeDoCouple who had to postpone their May 17th 2020 wedding. Not only were they still able to call each other husband and wife, but we also put together a special surprise gift for them.

Judy + Frank

J+F were planning on having their elopement done at Jericho beach as they really liked the view there and there’s no any other option at the time when they decided to elope first. They both also really liked Brock House; therefore, when they knew about this event, they immediately jump to the opportunity and signed up.

Faye + Alan

F+A was planning on having a wedding this year but had to put the plan on hold due to the COVID situation. However, they still wished to make it official but had no clue how. As soon as they found out about this event, they signed up right the way.

Angela + Eric

A+E is a 2021 WeDoCouple. A is also a frontline worker at St Paul’s Hospital. So once they heard about this event, they immediately signed up to support the cause! They started this great news and soon after, one of their friends signed up as well. All we knew was that they were going to attend each other’s elopement, so we arranged to have them back to back.

Ingelina + Paul

Little did we know, Paul and Eric, the two grooms were actually brothers!Getting married on a day about love, we celebrate many hearts being joined into one, but we also celebrated a brotherly love. Thanks for sharing how a family’s love can support one another.

Jennifer + Benny

With only one booking spot left for the evening, J+B reached out on our Instagram and made a very quick decision to reserve it. Within the 4 hours, the couple got blessing from their families, found their own bouquet and boutonniere, dressed up, bought a pair of wedding rings, got their marriage license, and drove down to Brock House to elope with us.

Vivi + Nathan

V+N planned on getting married this year but had to put the plan on hold because of COVID. They saw this event and really liked the idea of eloping to support the charity.

Angela + Jeff

A+J had a plan to elope on 520 before learning about our event so they already had their venue booked at this wonderful garden location from their condo. They reached out to us for the decor setup and coordination as well as supporting the good cause.


We could not have done this event without our amazing industry partners. Thanks to you all for all the love and support. Click on each vendor to learn more about what they do.


In support of frontline workers and the current situation, together, we have raised over $3000 for St Paul’s Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund.

To inquire our future pop up events, click here to contact us or simply chat with us online!!!

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